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Atlas Cycles (Haryana) Ltd., Sonepat, has the privilege of being the only Indian complete bicycle manufacturing unit whose in house R&D unit has been recognized by the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India. Our R&D Centre is well equipped with Computer Aided Designing facility, prototype making facility and testing facilities etc.

Atlas R&D concentrates on development of new models of bikes ranging from Kids to Mountain Bikes, City Bikes, Suspension Bikes, Sports Bikes etc.


Atlas Cycles started its odyssey way back in 1951 and today it is one of the largest manufacturer of bicycles in the world. Atlas bicycles are ridden over 50 countries around the globe. Atlas Cycles, Sonepat unit caters to the needs of North-East and Central Africa, USA, Latin America, South and Central America including Mauritius, West Indies and Madagascar Island. Atlas cycles are very popular and commonly used in countries of Egypt, Zambia and Kenya. We are also entering the markets in a big way in Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan, Libya, Malawi, Ethiopia in the African continent and also USA and Latin America.

Our range of products include tough Roadster Models, Elegant Ladies bikes, Rugged Mountain Bikes and Children's Bikes which are made to cater to varied destinations with different Geographical, Social and Climatic conditions putting a challenge to the leading bike manufacturers in the world. We at Atlas keep moving ahead with our never ending zeal with technological upgradations and is the first bicycle industry to get ISO 9002 & 9001 accreditation.


Sonepat Unit of Atlas Cycles was earlier certified with ISO 9002: 1994 since 1994, which was subsequently renewed twice in 1997 and 2000.

Now, the company has bagged ISO 9001: 2000 certificate by implementing the latest International Quality Management System. Under the new Certification, Research and Development activities of the company, which is in addition to its manufacturing, inspection, testing and sales activities. This has made this company as one of the first major bicycle manufacturing industries in the country with ISSO 9001:2000 certificate.

Deployment of this Quality Management System has ensured consistency high quality and reliability of our product for Domestic and International market. It has ultimately resulted into improvement of timely availability of quality bicycles in latest models for all age groups at highly competitive prices. The company ultimately aims to achieve total customer satisfaction by its implementation.




Atlas is proud to be one of the top bicycle producing companies in the world with an annual capacity of manufacturing nearly three million bicycles.

My Grandfather, Late Rai Bahadur Shri Jankidas Kapur was the founder of the company, which was established way back in 1950. My father, Late Shri B.D. Kapur, who was at the helm of affairs as President, was the driving force to lead the company for more than 50 years and incidentally I worked with him closely throughout. On 1st September 2003, Atlas Cycles restructured the management of Sonepat unit with the reins of management resting upon myself as President, my brother, Rajiv Kapur as Joint President and my son, Angad Kapur as Vice President. And together we would endeavour to take 'Atlas' to greater heights where we would surge ahead towards… new horizons, new goals, new innovations, new technology and new control.

The job of the management has always been to see the company not as it is, but as it can grow to be. We believe in our ability to guide the forces of change and forge ahead to emerge as leaders in the areas of our operations.

Our goals for the year will be to achieve significant further turnover growth, with substantial improvements in profits through consistently providing high-quality product bicycles and services, and a total commitment to better serve our customers, while at the same time maintaining the highest ethical standards and values.

I am confident that our company restructuring initiatives, our quality improvement goals, our quest for better corporate performance and greater customer satisfaction would very soon begin to show even better results.

Finally, I wish to express my sincere appreciation to our eminent Board of Directors, esteemed shareholders, bankers and other stakeholders who have reposed trust and confidence in the new management.

Joint President


"Atlas Cycles Sonepat, Haryana established in 1951 has been the leader in the bicycle industry in India.Atlas cycles are the most reliable,sturdy companions in over 42 countries wordwide. Atlas cycles is one of the top 50 'Brands' in India as per A&M MODE survey.

In Keeping with the philosophy we are blazing new trials with the latest innovations and product development for the international market.We have in our range MTB's, ATB's,Roadster,Sports and Children bicycles with the latest Shimano multi-speed gear systems.

Vigorous quality control,CAD equipped design center and the latest automatic machinery is used in producing the most sought after bicycles."


Vice President


Atlas is the name synonymous with the cycling revolution in India. Over five decades Atlas is not only a household name in India but also abroad, with its presence in almost 90 countries around the globe. Atlas started exporting bicycles in 1958 and presently the bicycles are exported across five continents of the world with a record productivity of over three million bicycles.

Atlas is proud to have a highly developed 'Research and Development' wing, the only centre of its kind in the Indian Bicycle Industry. This in-house R&D centre is a totally computerised unit, recognised by the Government of India. In recognition of our excellent quality, technological superiority and systematic production/Quality Control processes, Atlas has been awarded with the prestigious International accreditation ISO-9002 (1994 E.d.).

Keeping our spirit of racing ahead of times intact, Atlas keep moving ahead with our never-ending zeal, technological up-gradations, rapid expansions and user friendly innovations to be the undisputed leader in the world of bicycles.

We are introducing newer range of upgraded models for our esteemed customers. The company is also pursuing an aggressive marketing strategy and strengthening dealer network to increase its market share. Our mission is to ensure that our bicycles are the first choice of the customers.

I feel confident that the talent, dedication and high level of commitment within the company will enable ATLAS to scale new heights and retain its leadership position in the coming years. If we feel proud of our achievements today, let us feel even more proud of our achievements in the future years. Let us strive to lead - without ever having the need to follow!


Atlas Management is conscious about its social responsibility to protect and conserve environment for the future generation. It has taken all around actions for pollution control in the field of water, air and noise and complies with all the regulatory norms as per the laws of the land. It is also working in direction of pollution prevention as per the guidelines of United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and Global Compact (GC).

The company has variety of manufacturing activities including electroplating, heat treatment, painting, etc. As a precautionary approach to environment challenges arising out of effluent generated by these production shops the company has installed most modern Effluent Treatment Plant designed and commissioned by National Productivity, New Delhi. It is reputed as one of the best Effluent Treatment Plants in northern India in private sector industries. Company has spent more than 5 million on its installation and spends about 0.6% of the product cost on effluent treatment. It treats around 5 lacs litres effluents per day and ensures that not a single drop of effluent escapes without effective treatment.

Working on similar lines, all the necessary air pollution control measures have been taken by the company so that smoke emitting out of brazing furnaces, diesel generators and boilers are within the permissible limits of emission.

To meet the noise pollution norms, the company has gone for the ultra - modern acoustic lining on the walls of the diesel generators hall so as to reduce the sound level outside the wall by more than 30 DBA, whereas pollution control norms require reduction of 25 DBA only.

In order to augment photo - synthesis cycle of nature and to maintain greenery, company has planted more than 2000 plants and trees in its campus of 28 acres. Rain harvesting system has also been incorporated for best utilization of rain water and 70% rain water is now being recharged to sub - soil effectively.

Atlas is in constant touch with nodal Indian National Institutes, like, Central Pollution Control Board, New Delhi, National Productivity Council, New Delhi, Haryana State Pollution Control Board Panchkula, etc, for development and diffusion of Environmentally friendly technologies for continual improvement of environment by our joint efforts.


The company is one of the biggest Bicycle manufacturing units producing most of the components under one roof. It has got a vast Press Shop, Machine Shop, Brazing Shop, Welding Shop, Heat treatment Plant, Paint Shop,, Electroplating Plant and Assembly Shop spread over in a campus of 28 acres.

The manufacturing shops are equipped with state of the art machines for production operated by ITI trained operators under the supervision off qualified engineers. The manufacturing facilities are supported by a modern tool room and a fleet of trained maintenance staff for trouble - free running.

Research & Development Department provides components and tool drawings designed by qualified engineers with the support of CAD, Necessary press tools, fixtures, jigs, special tools, templates and gauges are manufactured on high precision machine tools, like jig boring machine, spark erosion machine etc., in tool room. All the tools and gauges pass through Tools Inspection to ensure its precision and accuracy.

Quality Assurance Department of the company ensures the quality right from raw materials to finish product covering various stages like receiving inspection, in process inspection and final inspection. Gauge Control Cell of QA ensures timely calibration of all production gauges and measuring equipment used throughout the factory.

QA has got state of art Mechanical Laboratory having Tensile Testing Machine of different ranges upto 10 Tons, Optical Profile Projector, Spring Testing machine, Vickers Hardness Testers, Rockwell Hardness Testers, GSM Tester, Bursting Strength Tester, Cupping Value Tester, Rubber Abrasion Tester along with Special Testing Equipment for Handle, Pedal, Fork, Frame, Rim, Crank etc.

Chemical Laboratory of QA is equipped with paint test apparatus, carbon sulphur tester, hull cell apparatus, flash point apparatus, Kinetic viscosity bath, nickel - chrome plating tester, micro test for zinc and paint thickness testing, UV tester and Salt spray testing apparatus to provide assistance to receiving inspection, pretreatment plant, electroplating plant, paint shop etc.

The Integration of Research & Development, Tool Room, Manufacturing and QA activities has resulted in high and consistent quality level of the company products enhancing customer satisfaction.


Company has extended complete freedom of association to its workmen and effective recognition of their right to collective bargaining. Atlas workmen have their own elected Worker's Union registered under Government Act. The Union is recognized by the Government and the factory. The Union has been given the natural light for collective bargaining in the common interest of working force. Cordial industrial relation is maintained in the factory. The Grievance Redressal Procedure is updated from time to time. The labor welfare activities and programmes are organized by the factory as an on going process throughout the year which have played an important role in establishing an atmosphere of mutual trust and harmony. The company is running smoothly since last more than two decades without any workers unrest.

The company not only believes in abolition of Child Labor Employment but it has propagated this philosophy to other adjoining industries off the region having association with it directly or indirectly. The minimum age of employment in the factory is 18yrs, which is the law of the land. The Corporate Policy does not allow any distinction of any kind, such as race, color, sex, religion, language or property status in respect of employment and occupation.

All forms of forced and compulsory labor has been completely eliminated from the philosophy of the Corporate and there exists a total appreciation for each other between Management and employees. As a matter of fact company has wishfully employed many physically challenged persons who are earning their bread and butter respectfully.


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